choco ambrosia
Chocolate - is there a more enticing food?
Both indulgent luxury and everyday treat, its something many of us can't live without.
Milk chocolate combines 20-30 % cocoa solids and milk (powdered). It is the most common eating chocolate.
These chocolates contains jelly of any flavour. Available in various types.
Specially designed lollypops not only for the kids but for the kid in adults.
It contains the two parts as outer part is make of dark chocolate and is blended with the inner part of grated coconut and sugar and typical Indian spices.

The word ambrosia represents as 'the food for the gods' - and who would argue?
So here we present the food for the gods to our god

Chocolate is one of the world's most delectable foods and the one that most satisfies our desire for something sweet. When we think of a treat to please, we think of chocolate.

choco ambrosia is the premium supplier of chocolate gift boxes in Pune over last 10 years. Our chocolate tastes like a heaven and one can not stop on a single piece once he tastes the special taste of premium chocolates. Our chocolates are for all occasions whether it is for baby shower, promotion, love, appreciation, business development, etc.


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